Spring has Come!

Ah. Nice weather, what a treat for Buffalo. Trees are starting to bud, and the air has a distinct smell, it's great. It was so great, it motivated me to make a new page for the site. At the top nav you should see weather, which will show your weekly forecast depending on if you have location enabled. If not, then you get to enjoy Buffalo weather, muahaha >:).

This was a really fun page to add, I first started with the figma design and then just gave it some life with JSX and CSS. I'm using the openweatherAPI, which gives me everything I needed to show a weekly forecast, humidity, sunrise/sunset and much more.

Boy, this is starting to get really fun. I'll make a more technical post next week, going through how to setup something like what we have here. A simple Gatsby site, hosted in Cloud Storage, exposed on Cloud CDN with CI/CD using Github Actions! When I merge to master, that shit deploys.


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