Mothers Day

Yesterday I turned 22 🎂🎉! It flurried lightly in the morning, and was sunny for the rest of the day, not surprised in Buffalo. It's my first birthday being a real adult. No school, exams, internships, worrying about getting a job and all that other stress from being a student.

However, now that I look back I'm really glad to be where I am now. I remember being a freshman and sophomore being so paranoid about what I was going to do with myself. Being a young kid in computer science is a recepie for anxiety, stress and a constant fear of not knowing and being enough. If you're not the best, your the worst and I can't stand that school of thought.

Being a perfectionist also takes its tole, because in order to built something great you need to accept un-perfect code, styles and well..everything.

Honestly, I'm not too sure where this blog is gonna land, but I hope to keep at it, maybe add some cool stuff here and there, and to show something as I grow as a developer.

For anyone stumbling upon this.. I'll make an intro/bio post maybe next week? I'm sorry if I haven't already introduced myself. TLDR; I work as a software engineer at a semi-large start-up in Buffalo, NY for b2b dealer auctions. They're like Carvana for car dealers, and its the only company that really values good tech. I love it.

I work on the infrastructure team, so I'm part SRE part SWE. All prod services run in k8s, and we strive every day to increase developer autonomy. We don't want to be an ops team, and anything we can do to automate ourselves out of a job, we'll do 😛.

Now that I look back at this post, I should encorporate more pictures, or better styling. This reads like a boring essay, and I hate that. Maybe I'll work on that next!


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